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ounded in 1998 with offices in Japan and USA, Ziosoft is a recognized leader in functional visualization and analysis software to benefit physicians, patients and healthcare specialists. With more than 2,000 systems installed worldwide, Ziosoft’s true vendor-neutral and multi-modality advanced visualization technology platform is helping patients and clinicians every day, by enabling greater diagnostic confidence, lower dose options, and precision in surgical and treatment planning. Our economical and scalable architecture ensures we have a model that is just right for you.

As a medical imaging company dedicated to advanced, intuitive clinical tools across the enterprise, Ziosoft is developing sophisticated applications for efficient physiology and disease analysis, and surgical planning. Under the leadership of its co-founder Shusuke Chino, Ziosoft is disrupting the medical imaging post processing arena by offering patented Phyziodynamics technology for unique visualization opportunities.  A member of the NantWorks family of companies, founded and led by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, we are aligned in our mission to create a convergence of a wide range of digital technologies to transform scientific research and healthcare, and to build an integrated evidence-based, personalized approach to the delivery of care and the development of next generation diagnostics and therapeutics.

User needs for advanced visualization and analysis have changed over the past decade and Ziosoft addresses these changing needs by providing clinicians access to tools based on transformational technology which removes the barriers of accessibility while maintaining performance and image integrity. The medical community lives in a challenging world filled with vast image data sets produced by a wide array of digital imaging modalities. Thousands of images per patient bring greater diagnostic capabilities, but also gives rise to complex, time-consuming image analysis and management needs. This is creating a far greater need for more accurate and efficient solutions as 3D advanced visualization alone becomes less sufficient.

Ziosoft’s PhyZiodynamic 4D advanced processing platform offers an unprecedented “real-time” journey through the body non-invasively, supporting applications such as precise surgical and radiation therapy planning for a wide variety of organ targets – brain, lungs, heart and beyond, and thereby enabling appropriate, actionable outcomes across the patient continuum.


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