01/08/2013 Watch How Verizon and Qi Imaging Are Working Together to Transform Accessibility and Analysis of Medical Images


10/24/2012 NantHealth Receives Investment From Verizon
10/03/2012 Launch of Nation's Fastest Genomic Supercomputing Platform Reduces Cancer Genome Analysis From Months to Seconds - 1 Patient Every 47 Seconds
10/02/2012 NantHealth and Blue Shield of California Form Proactive Healthcare Collaborative to Coordinate and Personalize Care
07/31/2012 National LambdaRail and Cenic Partner to Provide Advanced Network and Data Services for Healthcare
07/25/2012 The Caring Network: Nantional LambdaRail and AT&T Collaborate On High-Speed Network Connections For Leading Health Sciences Institutions
07/24/2012 Blackstone Invests $125 Million in NantPharma, a NantWorks Company
04/17/2012 Verizon Chairman and CEO Addresses World Health Care Congress
02/28/2012 NantWorks Acquires Boston Life Labs


10/26/2011 Ziosoft Joins Dr. Patrick Soon-hiong's Nantworks Family of Leading Healthcare and Communications Technologies
07/28/2011 University Hospital Zurich Implements Supercomputing Technology
07/14/2011 Leading Medical Experts Cite Supercomputing Functional Analytics
05/10/2011 Methodist Hospital Adds Ziosoft's Supercomputing Functional Analytics
03/31/2011 Ziosoft to Showcase Phyziodynamics inVivo at American College of Cardiology
03/02/2011 Ziosoft Launches PhyZiodynamics inVivo at European Congress of Radiology


11/28/2010 Ziosoft to Launch PhyZiodynamic Solutions at RSNA 2010
11/15/2010 Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) Provides New Portable Cardiac CT Training
09/08/2010 Ziosoft Enters Agreement with Princeton Longevity Center
06/11/2010 Ziosoft Launches Significant New Software Upgrade for Ziostation™ System
05/17/2010 Ziosoft Enters India, Singapore and Malaysia Markets With Ziostation™ System
05/10/2010 Ziosoft Partners with Insight Oceania to Distribute Ziostation System with PhyZiodynamic Solutions
03/11/2010 Ziosoft to Make PhyZiodynamic™ 5D Functional Analytics U.S. Debut at American College of Cardiology
03/04/2010 Ziosoft Introduces PhyZiodynamic™ 5D Functional Analytics


11/17/2009 Ziosoft Will Showcase New Clinical Functionality and Workflow Optimization Tools for Its Advanced 3D Thin-Client Software at RSNA 2009
07/22/2009 Ziosoft Releases Latest Version of Its 3D Advanced Visualization Thin-Client Software
07/08/2009 Ziosoft Receives FDA Clearance for Its MR Cardiac Function Analysis Application
07/01/2009 Ziosoft Receives CE Marking Approval for Ziostation 3D Thin-Client Advanced Visualization System
05/27/2009 Ziosoft 3D Thin-Client Software Gives Impressive Performance at Stanford MDCT Conference Workstation Face-Off
04/23/2009 Ziosoft Debuts New Advanced Visualization Innovations at ITEM 2009
04/07/2009 Ziosoft Receives FDA Clearance for CT Cardiac Function Analysis and Cardiac Calcium Scoring Applications
01/06/2009 Ziosoft Receives FDA Clearance for CT Brain Perfusion Application


11/13/2008 Ziosoft Announces Launch of Ziostation™ Web
06/16/2008 Ziosoft, Inc. and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Announce Partnership Agreement for Advanced Visualization