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Ziosoft, a pioneer in 3D/4D medical AI visualization, is showcasing its comprehensive suite of advanced visualization and post processing application system on a true vendor neutral platform at RSNA. The AI platform provides a robust and clinically validated algorithm, which is driven by both a traditional and new era of machine learning, unlocking the potentials of artificial intelligence (AI) for efficient and repeatable outcomes.

The flagship Ziostation2 is an economical and scalable multi-departmental solution. A full suite of regulatory cleared 2D, 3D, and 4D analytical tools provides consistent functionality across the enterprise, without compromise. It provides a vendor-neutral advanced visualization platform across multiple imaging modalities. It is also based on architecture that is designed to grow with the future needs of clinicians.

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PhyZiodynamics - Explore True 4D Advanced Visualization

Ziosoft offers an unprecedented “real-time” journey through the body non-invasively, supporting applications such as precise therapy planning for a wide variety of organ targets – brain, lungs, heart and beyond. PhyZiodynamics, an advanced 4D processing system, allows the automated registration of DICOM-based modality images into true fidelity 3D and 4D organ data sets which can be interactively interrogated throughout the entire structure while either still or in motion.

Key Features:

  • Proven image noise reduction enabling low dose choice
  • Deformable registration motion coherence with multi-data auto registration
  • Dynamic, true fidelity 3D/4D
  • “Real-time,” interactive interrogation of ROI – still and in motion

FREE Ziostation software for COVID-19 analysis

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FREE Ziostation software for COVID-19 analysis

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